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LWT - Premium Full Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses Aviator Sunglasses. (Mirror width 7cm) (frame height 5.6cm) (nose distance 1.7cm) (frame width 14.7cm) (temple length 14.3) Cm) (frame width 15cm)

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Indicates an eye protection item that has been optimized to prevent eye exposure to both UVA and UVB radiation. One of the biggest differences between UV 400 protected items as compared to other items that protect against the sun's radiation is the fact that UV 400 protected items are capable of blocking light rays as small as 400 nanometers
POLYCARBONATE LENS-are made from a similar material to that of aircraft windshields and are virtually indestructible. Polycarbonate is light and scratch resistant (not scratch proof). offers a high level of optical clarity. and is 50 times more impact resistant than optical glass making for a very strong. distortion free lens.
HIGH QUALITY FRAME - Made with only the highest quality materials. these sunglasses were constructed using special design techniques in order to ensure durability and avoid breakage while engaging in sports and recreational activity.
CLASSICAL STYLE: Aviators merged formidable design with cutting-edge technology and changed the face of society forever. The Aviator Sunglasses offer a classic look that has stood the test of time while retaining a practical and fashionable design. And sunglasses used the aviator style to up to lighter. thinner. and more elegantly designed.
100% satisfaction guaranteed. That is our promise. So. if you're not completely happy with your purchase . We will do whatever it takes to make it right
What do stylish modern people want in a pair of aviator sunglasses
Sunglasses are like eye shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty
Sun Glasses Fashion designer Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses Reflective for Mens and Womens with UV Protection Shades
Because people generally recognize you by your face. the glasses you choose to wear are a very real part of your identity.
Whether you want to appear sophisticated. youthful. hip. cool. conservative or style-conscious. the right glasses can help you shape how you are perceived. And if you choose to wear only one pair of sunglasses for everything you do. that says something about you. too!
Features and Benefits
Reduce surface reflections
Easy to clean
Scratch resistant
UV protection
How should I care for my sunglasses
To avoid damage. never clean your sunglasses with paper towels or clothing. which can grind dust and fibers into lenses
and leave scratches.
Also avoid using household detergents or soaps.
While a few mild soaps don't harm lenses. today's extra strength soaps are powerful
enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings.
1*Glasses case
1*Cleaning soft cloth
(Mirror width 7cm)
(Frame height 5.6cm)
(Nose distance 1.7cm)
(Frame width 14.7 cm)
(Temple length 14.3 cm)
(Frame width 15cm)